Management of diabetes: the future is now

Diabetes is a worldwide epidemic. Its prevalence continues to rise globally at an average rate of 8.7 percent, and it currently affects 382 million of the world’s population. Significant increases in populations diagnosed with diabetes have been reported by many nations as their lifestyle and dietary norms evolve with globalization. National healthcare budgets bear the financial burden of treating diabetes and its complications, exceeding $548 billion dollars globally. (read more here)

Improving Detection of Prediabetes in Children and Adults: Using Combinations of Blood Glucose Tests

Approximately, 24 million Americans are suffering from type 2 diabetes while more than 65 million others have prediabetes (1, 2). The projected number of Americans with diagnosed type 2 diabetes is 39.0 million for 2050 (3), and a 100% increase in prediabetes has been predicted for 2030 (1). Hence, accurate identification of people with prediabetes is imperative before applications of pharmacological and lifestyle interventions for the prevention and delay of type 2 diabetes. The application of a screening test that is both robust and handy is, therefore, vital for promptly ascertaining subjects with prediabetes. A robust and quick prediabetes diagnostic test can reduce overall societal costs of diabetes by motivating subjects with prediabetes to seek diabetes preventative care. (Read More Here)