Waste Disposal from Lab Machines

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Waste Disposal from Lab Machines Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:49 am
What regulatory requirements are there for the disposal of the waste materials from the following machines: Sysmex CA 500, EON 100, Cell Dyn Emerald? I have been told that most facilities dump it down the drain. Our system is not on municipal water. We have our own sewer plant in which our phosphorus levels are too high in the samples. We think that dumping the waste liquids from these machines are contributing to this. What alternatives do we have for disposal? Can they just be closed up and put in a dumpster? Do they need to be red bagged? Our facility is in Wisconsin.
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Re: Waste Disposal from Lab Machines Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 12:23 pm
It is very unlikely that the waste materials from the three analyzers are contributing to the phosphorus levels at your sewer plant. The instrument waste is very dilute upon entry into the drainage system and then it is further diluted by all the additional waste that your facility discharges into the drainage system. I highly recommend that you pursue the continued discharge into the drainage system further before you abandon this disposal method. You can not dispose of this liquid in the regular dumpster. You could red bag the waste containers and dispose of the liquid with your bio-hazardous waste but the cost of disposing this amount of fluid would be extremely expensive. You could calculate the weight of the liquid and determine what this will cost you based on your biohazard disposal rate.
Hopefully another member of the forum has some comments on this subject.
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