Frequency of Competence Evaluations for Our Lab Personnel

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Hi, I am looking for clear guidelines for the frequency of competence evaluations for our lab personnel. Can anyone provide me with this information?
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Hi Taylor,
Employees must have training and competency records for each test and instrument. The training records are completed when a new instrument or test is put in place. Competency records are usually updated annually for each employee for the instruments and tests that they perform. Competency records are used to ensure the employee knows how to operate and test correctly after they have been trained. New employees must have initial training records, at 6 months competency check offs and again at 1 year. Thereafter competency must be documented yearly.
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It has been my experience, that COLA surveyors are looking for competency documentation that includes direct observation of competency. Follow behind your staff and document what you observe. Audit QC, Calibration and test results; were they handled according to your procedures? Create a written test to evaluate knowledge of policy, procedures and problem solving skills. You want to develop more than just a standard annual evaluation that rates an employee from 1-5 on attendance and how they work with others.
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