F.D.A. Warns of Faulty Lead Testing in Children and Mothers

The New York Times May 17, 2017: Some blood tests used to check for lead poisoning in children and women since 2014 may have wrongly indicated that children were safe from lead exposure, federal health officials warned Wednesday. Children under 6 and pregnant and nursing women may need to be retested. The concern is that the original tests may have underestimated blood lead levels, providing false assurance to parents. Infants and young children are especially vulnerable to the effects of lead poisoning, which can cause cognitive deficits and affect almost every system in the body. (Read More)

Keeping clinical lab errors to a minimum

MLO May 23, 2017: Today’s healthcare climate challenges the clinical laboratory to offer improved patient care while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. There is no room for error, however small. Seventy percent of all medical decisions are made based on high-volume laboratory testing and the corresponding results.1 Critical information in the clinical laboratory directly impacts patient care and must be delivered with excellence. (Read More)