Reporting PT Results on Back-up Analyzers

Regulatory-If you have two non-waived analyzers that perform the same testing, you must perform proficiency testing on both analyzers. COLA requires their labs to report the proficiency testing results on the main instrument to the PT provider. You must perform a self evaluation using the same PT samples on the back up instrument. It is important to note that the PT samples must not be tested on the back up analyzer until after you have submitted the first instruments results to your PT provider.

Getting Over Being Tired at Work

Advance for the Laboratory – January 30, 2017: When it comes the hectic lab setting, not being tired at work is a challenge. Here are some tips to help keep you energized. One of the most frequent complaints I hear from techs—especially Baby Boomers—is, “We’re tired,” sometimes adding, “and burned out.” As an economic crunch has hit healthcare across the country and hospitals are forced to do more with less, it’s become harder and harder to retain and recruit staff. Schools produce fewer and fewer young—and more energetic—techs, and those remaining are working in ever-decreasing circles.(Read More)