Hand Hygiene Compliance

Advance for Laboratories – Bacteria are found on everything we touch-a fact that, unfortunately, is forgotten far too often because we can’t see them. So, what would happen if people were shown magnified images of the actual bacteria they encounter on a daily basis?

This is exactly what infection prevention and control specialists Ashley Gregory and Eman Chami did in a study at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Like many hospitals across the country, Henry Ford incorporates hand hygiene as a routine, daily practice and uses continuing education to remind healthcare workers of the importance of cleansing their hands both before and after interacting with patients.

“Hand hygiene is important because it is the simplest thing that can be done to help prevent infection,” Gregory said. “It’s something that we all do within our every day, but I don’t think people realize the complexity of it in healthcare. Therefore, it lends itself to increased infection rates within hospitals and can also lend itself to bringing home illnesses that workers might not realize they’ve been carrying on them.”(Read More)