Managing Type 2 Diabetes: How to reach your patients

Patient Management Tips

Schedule regular visits.

Schedule patients with diabetes for four visits per year. Diabetes is a chronic disease that needs ongoing management, and it is very difficult to try to add chronic management of a complex disease when the patient is coming for a specific complaint.

If a patient comes to the office for a routine diabetes recheck and has a complaint, address it but reschedule the diabetes recheck. Studies have shown that the more visits committed exclusively to diabetes care the better the control.

Refer all patients for diabetes education.

While you may not provide this in your office, diabetes education will assist patients greatly in their self-management. This may save endless hours in problem -solving if the patient has a good base knowledge of the disease…(Read More)

Managing Type 2 Diabetes

May The Era Of Medicare’s Doc Fix (1997-2015) Rest In Peace. Now What?

After seventeen years (eight months, 9 days…), over a dozen acts of Congress and innumerable reams of debate and conjecture about its fate, it’s time to say goodbye to the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula. As a proper wake, let’s take a moment to reflect on this enigma of health care economic theory. And then let’s not ever do it again.

A Brief History Of The SGR

From 1980-1990, Medicare payments to doctors were based on charges. During that period, spending under the program on physician services inflated rapidly, growing at an annual rate of 13.4 percent. Congress took note and reformed the system in two key ways: (1) rates paid for services would be determined by the resources, or inputs, necessary to perform them; and…

The New Deal

So what has been conjured, then, as the solution to the failures of the doc fix era? Before we bury the SGR under spilled champagne, we should consider what Congress is actually replacing it with. Having spent several years engineering it, there’s a lot to unpack…(Read More Here)

14 Things Your Employees Are Dying to Hear

What were your last 10 or 15 employee conversations like? Chances are, they included phrases like, “I need you to finish that [project] by the end of the day.” After all, you can’t run a business without addressing these types of issues. And chances are, unless they are delivered in a, shall we say, forceful tone of voice, your employees don’t mind hearing pertinent instructions and questions. So, why does their morale seem to be, well, wilting?

The problem might not be what you’re saying, but what you’re not saying. The good news is, with a few well-chosen words, you can nurture employee relationships and help their engagement blossom this spring. If you start incorporating these phrases into your at-work vocabulary, your employees’ engagement will “blossom” this spring:

“I need your help.”
The age of rule-with-an-iron-fist, top-down leadership is fading fast. More and more, organizations in all industries are realizing that there’s an almost-magical power in the synergy of teams. Your employees all have unique skill sets, experiences, and ideas-so tap into them!…(Read More Here)